What’s Trending in the Windows and Door Industry

We take pride in the outward appearance of our homes, as much as we care about the beauty of our home’s interior. Windows and doors are a major part of the overall look of your home or workplace. Style, elegance, bright colours, and energy efficiency are all trending in the doors and windows industry in 2018. Showcasing the entranceway of your home, mainly your front door, and choosing materials for window upgrades and energy efficiency are all discussed in this piece. These are things that are of pique interest to those who have their fingers on the pulse of the home styling industry. There are plenty of new products in the window and door industry to choose from while planning your new builds and carrying out refurbishments to your home. Read on to discover some of the best.

The Entrance to Your Home

The entrance to any home needs to be welcoming, have curb appeal, and yet needs to be sturdy against the elements in our Canadian climate, and to potential intruders. Vivid colours for front doors are really making a mark at the moment. Front doors painted in brilliant yellows, deep reds and vibrant purples really adds character and individuality to homes. These brazen colours can be seen cropping up in the suburbs and in city condominiums too. It is our suggestion that you can completely customize your doors and windows, by working with an expert.

Porch enclosures and entrance doors are both great elements to consider when remodelling or approaching a new build. With the front entrance being a central focus for your home, you need to carefully consider all aspects, from its colour to the shape and type of glass you choose. Make sure you discuss options such as the safety features of tempered glass, the beautiful effects of stained glass, and the multitude of benefits concerning the choice of fibreglass window panes with your window installation expert. These examples are just a few of the options available. One of the newer options is a vinyl/fibreglass hybrid, which may not be supplied by all companies.

The cost of replacement windows is the number one factor for most people considering a renovation project. Even though fibreglass windows are the very best option overall for our harsh Canadian winters, they are costly and therefore when we look at statistics, vinyl windows are still the most popular. In order to establish exactly how energy efficient your choice of window is, visit

Current Trends in Window Upgrades

Choosing a window design that is personalized to suit your home, office, or cottage is important. Aluminum frames allow for lots of flexibility and therefore intricate shapes. Dramatic colours surround the windows of every successful window upgrade and new build, and you can’t get any more dramatic than black. Black window frames are all the rage at the moment!

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is very highly regarded. Many of our customers ask about the different green and energy efficient options to improve window insulation. Incorporating different materials such as vinyl or foam in your window surrounds is a wise choice. Vinyl windows have been trending for several years, and 2018 was no exception. Once again, the Ontario government are backing these positive actions with replacement window incentives.

The current climate and recent trends in the windows and doors industry demands an additional note on Energy Efficiency. The acceptance of continual and significant heat loss through doors and windows is definitely a thing of the past. The environmental movement is proud and strong, and beneficial to you and your household budget too!

With the government on board with environmental incentives, you may even be eligible for a tax rebate for your door and window renovations. This is extremely helpful for any upgrade project or new build budget.

Choice of Window and Door Materials

Modern design has been trending toward a more commercial look, which brings aluminum designs into the residential picture. Aluminum is popular for the ever taller designs. It is easy to paint too. However, whether it’s a wooden front-door, an aluminum-hybrid multi-fold door, or vinyl or aluminum windows, there is demand for nearly all available products.

The choices are as diverse as peoples’ individual imaginations and desires. The ongoing trend for 2018, is that people are working with any of the myriad materials available to the window and door industry. But the benefits of each can be teased out, and that’s when individual decisions are made. The general rule is to create a multitude of design options, offer flexibility, and build products that can withstand the harshest conditions that Canadian Mother Nature throws at us.

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