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Slide into comfort with our quality selection of sliding windows.
You’re someone who loves balmy weather. When the sun comes out and gentle, cool breezes are blowing, you want to be able to open your window and enjoy it.
If you want a window you can open and shut easily, consider a sliding window.

Vertical Sliding Windows

You have options when it comes to windows, and one of those is choosing between a vertical window and a horizontal one. Vertical sliding windows are ideal for window air conditioning units. If you live in a place without the blessing of A/C, you may consider one of these to keep the place cool.

Many, many houses have windows that slide up and down, especially older buildings. So if you’re trying to upgrade an older house without losing its retro charm, consider a timeless sliding window.

Horizontal Sliding Windows

Horizontal sliding windows have a step up over their vertical cousins – they don’t have to fight with gravity to stay open. They’re easier to open, and keep open.

When you purchase a vertical sliding window, you have the option of installing a screen. Open one side for the open air, and the other for the screen. Let in the breezes and keep out the bugs. It’s up to you.

Metal Sliding Windows

With our windows, you can be sure the product you’re receiving is durable. Our metal sliding windows are built to last. When you invest in metal sliding windows, you’re investing in the future.

Metal windows are heavier than other materials, so your windows will be more secure. If you want strong, modern-looking windows, consider metal.

Aluminum Sliding Windows

What’s the difference between metal sliding windows and aluminum sliding windows? Aluminum has a fraction of the weight. (Airplanes are made out of it!)* It’s easier to cut and shape than other metals. Aluminum is also cheaper in general – you can buy it from the grocery store and use it to wrap leftover food.

Aluminum sliding windows are sleek, lightweight, and affordable.

To Wrap Up

At Smart Choice Windows & Doors, we understand that installing new windows can be a huge investment, so don’t waste your money on just any window choice or installation. Instead, let our window experts work alongside you to select the best window for your specific property, and then install it up to industry standards for a clean look that is sure to transform your property.

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