Installation and Replacement

New windows installed in your residence or place of work can be a great way to increase energy efficiency, add coziness and security, or simply open up your space to an abundance of natural light and stunning views. And depending on the window style, they can also increase the beauty of your property’s interior and exterior.
The Picture Window features a glass pane encased in a picture-like frame that, when installed in your property, adds a picturesque quality to both the interior and exterior walls. They are also fixed, which means they remain closed, so they are a common choice in spaces where cool air currents can be an issue.
Picture windows are available in a wide range of styles, colors, textures, and finishes to suit various furnishings, and they make a great addition to both modern and traditional style properties.

High Performing

Picture Windows can contain insulated glass, which is a duo or more of panes with a vacuum filled space between them, for a high performing window that provides both comfort as well as energy savings. Or the panes can be inserted with a gas, such as argon, to further prevent heat loss and increase energy savings.

When picture windows are coupled with insulated glass, they can also help filter outside noise in addition to harmful sun rays to protect your property’s furnishings.


Our window frames are available in a wide selection of sturdy materials, including our best selling vinyl exterior frames, which are low maintenance, rot, corrosion, termite, and pollution resistant, and maintain their durability and strength for beautiful windows designed to last for generations to come.

We also offer picture window frames in aluminum, fiberglass, and wood styles, which provide an elegant look that never goes out of style.

You can also opt for a wood grain finish over your vinyl, fiberglass, or aluminum frame for the classic look and feel of real wood but without the high cost and maintenance.

Low Maintenance

Given that picture windows are fixed, it means there are no moving parts to replace or repair, which makes them a great low maintenance choice for window replacement.

Custom Picture Windows

Our Custom Picture WIndows can be uniquely made in various sizes, including narrow windows that permit more light, as well as various shapes, including arched windows to go over other windows, doors, or vaulted ceilings. They also include your choice of color, finish, texture, and glass options. With our Custom Picture WIndows, the choice is yours.

At Smart Choice Windows & Doors, we understand that installing new windows can be a huge investment, so don’t waste your money on just any window choice or installation. Instead, let our window experts work alongside you to select the best window for your specific property, and then install it up to industry standards for a clean look that is sure to transform your property.

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