How to Choose the Perfect Balcony Door

With many new materials, modern manufacturing techniques, and exceptional craftsmanship for windows and doors in Toronto, patio and balcony doors.

have become widely available in an assortment of styles and designs to create your dream home. Your residential balcony is a safe haven; a place you can go to relax as you take in the view of the city or open lush gardens. Considering that it is one of the few places in your home to get solace, it is important that your balcony has a pleasant design that suits your tastes. One of the ways to enhance the beauty of your balcony is by adding the right balcony doors.
The ideal balcony doors should make your exterior space look spacious and elegant. Here are some factors to consider when choosing your balcony door:

The Best Opening Method for Your Entrance Space

Before choosing a balcony door, you must first measure the space available both on the interior and exterior sides to help you determine the operating style that will work best. Balcony doors can be operated in different ways, including:

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Available Wall Space

You may consider adding a large entrance to extend the length of your wall and give the impression of an expanded living space. If you want an option that lets you experience indoor-outdoor living, then large balcony doors may be right for you to maximize the views of nature.

For homeowners who spend a lot of time indoors, the glass panels in balcony doors allow you to enjoy the exterior scenery so you feel more connected to nature. Design experts predict that the indoor-outdoor living trend, which has been growing consistently for the last few years, will continue for several more years.

Glass Options

Many homeowners find it necessary to add balcony door treatments for privacy, controlling solar radiation, and protecting against draughts during the colder months. Unfortunately, blinds and curtains obstruct the view. Instead, they prefer options that offer greater transparency and light penetration, like sheers, rather than heavy drapes.

Alternatively, homeowners can take advantage of innovative glass technologies to install strong, energy-efficient balcony doors that are designed to insulate and protect the home. Balconies that receive plenty of direct sunlight can use tinted glass for additional shading against the heat. Obscure glass adds privacy while maximizing light penetration, whereas high-performance options like argon gas and heat resistant glass coating help to improve thermal performance.

Ease of Maintenance

Depending on the material used for the frame, some balcony doors are easier to maintain than others. Vinyl and fibreglass doors require minimal exterior maintenance compared to wooden door frames that require regular sanding and repainting.

Consider your geographical location and exposure to the elements, as these factors may affect the durability of the door as well. Aluminium, for instance, is a durable material. However, it is a poor insulator that is not suitable for use in coastal climates. Wood is an attractive and versatile option, but can be damaged by moisture. That said, clad-wood can be paired with water-resistant material on the exterior to increase its strength against wet weather conditions.

Ultimately, you should choose the materials that perform well in your area, and whose maintenance you can handle.

Does your balcony door come with a warranty?

Keep in mind that your balcony door is an investment that should last for decades. Replacing your windows and doors in Toronto yields a better ROI than bigger and more cumbersome home improvement projects like room additions. Even if you’re not looking to sell your home, replacing an old balcony door may result in enhanced aesthetic value, greater efficiency, and lower heating and cooling costs.

That said, new balcony doors may suffer unexpected damage right after installation. Consider buying your door from a manufacturer who provides a warranty covering the material and workmanship of the balcony door. Depending on the manufacturer, your warranty may have limited coverage or it may be a comprehensive full-lifetime warranty with professional installation. The full warranty gives you coverage of the damaged door with zero fees, including workmanship.

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