6 Ways To Spruce Up Your Windows For Summer

Windows are more than just an aesthetic feature of a home; they provide light, comfort, ventilation and more. When it’s sunny outside, you can lounge in your living room or bedroom while basking in natural light. To take full advantage of your home’s windows this summer, you should consider the following six upgrades.

1.Consider the specific type of window

As you evaluate the challenges involved in performing window cleaning, it helps to consider the specific type of windows. Many of the products we carry facilitate cleaning both the interior and exterior. For example, our lovely awning windows will open and tip forward at an angle, enabling easier cleaning. There are also tilt and turn windows offering this useful feature. Sliding windows also promote easy window washing because they slide open, often allowing a cleaner to work on both the interior and exterior of the glass from a single stationary position.

If you need to clean framed windows without tilt and turn or sliding features, you may find it helpful to clean the interior and the exterior separately. Washing and completely drying the interior and then moving outdoors to work on the exterior often offers the best strategy. Finely latticed windows with a number of small individual square panes or decoratively shaped windows typically demand the most labour-intensive cleaning; these features require a cleaner to wash and dry each framed pane individually.

2.Plan your route

Before any window cleaning session, always plan your cleaning route with care. Will you begin inside the residence and then move outdoors to clean the exterior of the windows? Or can you access both sides of the window easily from a single location? Taking the time to map out your preferred strategy will ensure you don’t inadvertently miss washing important locations.

3.Safety first

Regardless of the strategy you employ, always place the highest priority on your safety. Never attempt exterior window cleaning on a windy day; wait for clear, dry conditions to undertake this project. In order to clean hard-to-reach locations, two tools will prove to be invaluable:

Extendable Squeegee Poles: One helpful window washing tool for high windows involves the use of a long extendable squeegee pole. Many hardware stores sell or rent these devices to customers. They enable window washers to stand firmly on the ground and clean upper-level windows without clambering onto ladders.

Scaffolding: In order to clean the exterior of upper story windows safely, it may become necessary to rent a ground-based scaffolding platform from an equipment rental company. Using a correctly positioned and secured ground-based scaffold will enable you to stand on a platform and clean the window without balancing on a ladder. Ladders do not offer sufficient security for a window cleaner, since these supports may easily slip out of position during vigorous cleaning. Make sure you follow instructions to secure the scaffold in place firmly before stepping onto it.

If you must clean windows several floors off the ground in locations inaccessible to basic scaffolds, it’s strongly recommended that you hire a professional window cleaning company. Full-time cleaning firms possess the correct cleaning tools and safety devices to tackle this type of assignment safely; most private property owners do not.

4.Prepare the area

When you begin cleaning, first gently brush the area around the exterior of the window to remove any cobwebs, leaves, dust, other debris which may fall into your work area. Then, dampen the glass with clear water from a sponge or squeegee, or by using a damp fibre cloth. Exercise care to moisten the location without applying too much water.

5.Use gentle cleaners

Most window glass benefits from the use of the mildest of cleaning agents. Specific glass cleaning formulations or water alone are typically the best choices. Today many manufacturers embed protective coatings within window class, so you’ll want to exercise care not to accidentally remove these materials or window films. Remember to wash window glass very gently; you don’t need to exert a lot of pressure when you perform this type of cleaning. Begin at the top of the window and clean downwards.

6.Dry thoroughly

After applying glass cleaner, follow the direction on the bottle. Most glass cleaners recommend rinsing with water. Apply the rinse, then gently remove all traces of moisture from the surface using a sponge, a squeegee, or a soft microfiber cleaning cloth, starting at the bottom and working upwards to minimize streaks. You’ll want to spend extra time ensuring you dry the area thoroughly. Removing rinse water without streaking the glass is the secret to producing clear, radiant windows!

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