5 Types of Window Treatments That Shed Light on Great Design

Selecting the right window designs for your home is an important decision to make. The style, size, shape, and proportion can create a stunning look to a house, both outside and inside. Before making your final choice, take one more factor into consideration. Window treatments can put the right amount of emphasis on your windows by outlining the aesthetic features of your new windows and tying in the overall design of the room.

Specific Window Treatments for Window Designs

Bay and Bow Window Treatments

A bay or bow window in a room is the most dramatic way to take advantage of nature and architecture at the same time. With multiple panes that soar to the ceiling, this will surely be the brightest room in your home. Simplicity is key in dressing your bay or bow window. Plain insulated drapes that expand beyond the sides of the window opening allows you to show off the full extent of the focal point. You can also choose to install individual cellular or sheer cloth shades that are operational by remote control. The less hardware that is visible, the more aesthetic the look.

If you need to clean framed windows without tilt and turn or sliding features, you may find it helpful to clean the interior and the exterior separately. Washing and completely drying the interior and then moving outdoors to work on the exterior often offers the best strategy. Finely latticed windows with a number of small individual square panes or decoratively shaped windows typically demand the most labour-intensive cleaning; these features require a cleaner to wash and dry each framed pane individually.

Hung Window Treatments

Hung windows are the most versatile in planning a window treatment. Traditional in design, they have withstood the test of time and have added updated features for better wear. Window installation for existing or new homes is normally simple. Anything from pleated draperies to filtering shades are appropriate for this window design. Using a soft top valance with a roller shade helps to tuck away the hardware when full light is wanted. This also allows you to pull in the panes for easy cleaning without disturbing the already sleek window designs.

Sliding Window Treatments

The most popular option for windows in Canada today are sliding windows. In addition to being affordable, they are built with improved energy-efficiency and new technology. If you are looking to replace windows at an affordable price, sliding windows are worth looking into. They can range from a single unit to a row of windows. By opening each one, a full pane allows the air to flow in. With , you wouldn’t want to block the open pane, selecting a window treatment that is both adaptive and aesthetic, may seem difficult. Think of a sliding glass door when treating your sliding window. Custom made vertical blinds is one option that clears a window for openness. Curtain panel sets are also becoming popular in providing privacy while adding visual appearance to a row of sliding windows. Roman blinds are another method that gives you control over an open window by simply rolling up to reveal an open pane.

Tilt and Turn Window Treatments

were popular for a short period of time in Canada. They are still the number one choice in Europe. There are many homes that still sport this type of window and they work quite well. The hardware system and operation is very durable and they have been known to provide a great fire escape option when placed in bedrooms. Due to the fact that the panes turn out, almost any type of window treatment can be introduced. From attractive valances to a variety of shades, there are many ways to show off tilt and turn windows. Pleated blinds or some newer shades have the ability to be installed directly onto the glass for a colourful display that brings attention to your tilt and turn windows.

Picture Window Treatments

Fixed windows will always have a place in homes that wish to enjoy the outdoors or to add architectural beauty with different shapes of windows. When a window installation of this type is performed, few people actually consider what kind of window treatment would best suit the type of window. With that being said, many people still value the need for privacy is and choosing a proper window treatment for a picture window can be difficult, especially if there are surrounding smaller fixed panes. Panel track blinds are growing in a way to keep the presence of a

When considering new window installation take the time to think of the best window treatments that will enhance and compliment your selection. If you are unsure of the window type that would best suit your home, contact a company that has the professional expertise in making your windows an attractive part of your home.

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