Get It Right When Choosing Exterior Window Styles

When choosing the exterior window style that is right for your home, we at Smart Choice Windows will assist you in considering how your new windows will be seen from both the inside and outside of your home. This means your new windows should compliment the exterior architecture of your home as well as your interior décor. Adherence to your home’s architectural style is essential when deciding on what type of windows you choose. Another consideration is the orientation of the sun in relation to your home. Most of us appreciate natural light in the bathroom and kitchen, whereas a 5 AM sunrise in your bedroom may not be so desirable.

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The following types of windows are examples of what we at Smart Choice Windows can offer to suit your new build or window replacement needs.

Bay and Bow Windows

A bow window is created by angling three to six windows that are of equal size and shape, which results in a protuberance outside the wall. This protuberance forms an attractive, rounded arch on the exterior of your home.

Bay windows are made up of just three windows, typically a large one in the middle and smaller ones on either side. The advantage of a bay window is the unobstructed view and natural light provided by the large window in the centre. The side windows are designed to provide better ventilation and increased natural light for your home.

Bay and Bow windows are similar, in that they extend the view you are seeing outside the house. They each provide a lot of natural daylight and an increased sense of spaciousness in the room. Both Bay and Bow windows look fantastic from an exterior architectural point of view, adding character and pleasing angles to the overall look of your home.

Tilts and Turn Windows

Of European design, casement, awning, and hopper windows are all tilt-out windows. These windows are constructed of one single pane that opens outwards. Casement windows have a hinge on one side and open outwards on the opposite side. The sharp angles this creates look really smart when they are open. Awning windows have a hinge along the top and open outwards at the bottom. These should be placed high on the wall if young children or pets are around, as they can climb or fall out. Hopper windows have a hinge along the bottom and open outwards along the top. The styles of ‘Tilt and Turn’ windows that tilt inward from the top offer draft-free ventilation. They are seamlessly fused with the sash for excellent heat and cool retention in your home.

Sliding Windows

Picture windows offer a dramatic effect for new or older homes. If you are planning a new build, they suit the flat-fronted modern style home impeccably. When deciding where to install picture windows, you must consider where you would appreciate having the maximum natural light and where they will best showcase your home from the exterior.

Sashes are what hold your windows in place in the frame. Sliding windows have two or three sashes which are hung horizontally. Some sliding windows can be opened from either side, and have two sashes, with one or both sliding horizontally to open the window. Other sliding windows have three sashes with the two outside sashes sliding to open while the center sash remains stationary. Sliding windows are easy to open and clean, and are energy efficient.

Shaped Windows

Shaped windows are marvellous additions to any home. They really stamp your own original style on your house, and you can have them designed in just about any shape. Modern manufacturers can work from any template, drawing, or even just from your current window opening. Just think, if you can draw it, they can make it happen! Not only will you enjoy walking or driving up to your customized home, but this also gives your home valuable curb appeal and results in higher equity if you decide to put it on the market.

It is always a good idea to choose the right upgrade for your windows, or make the right decision with the windows you’re installing in your new build. Everyone sees the outside of your home, business or cottage so it is a priority to have them looking as perfect as possible.

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